Build Relationships“The woman next to our store was sweeping her steps when I came in this morning. I told her we were lucky to be located right next to such a welcoming place.” (Argentina)
Value Everyone“Today I listened to my secretary describe another way to format my report, and it made all the difference. Everyone liked the new look!” (Italy)
Support“Someone else was loading the trucks for a client delivery, and I grabbed one of the boxes on my way out.” (Portugal)
First to Help“Our company kitchen needed cleaning, so today at lunch, I washed the dishes and took out the trash. Everyone was happy when they saw the results.” (Brazil)
Share Time“I listened to our IT (Information Technology) guy while he was fixing my computer, and found out his son had surgery yesterday. When he left, I told him I would keep his son in my thoughts and prayers.” (Philippines)
Competitors as Friends“When I found out my competitor had won a project we both had written proposals for, I called to congratulate her. She was surprised to hear from me. She shared her approach and it gave me an idea for our next project.” (United States)

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